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To begin with, not all access control systems are created equal. You may go for a simple access control that enables your staff and visitors to enter the premises of your company. The basic form of access control is known as standalone access control. Here are some tips what card access control system price is forming.

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Traditional keys have become relics of the past because they are easy to replicate. For that reason basic access control investment in installation of keypads; card readers, ID cards or fobs as well as in an electronic controller.

It is worth noting that keypads are the least secure because of the risk that your staff might share access code with people who don’t have right to enter. Different types of access cards such as magnetic and proximity cards present a more practical option of access control.

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The Size of the Company

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Depending on the number of access points and employees within an organization access control system budget will vary too. It goes without saying that cost for access control implementation in a firm with 20 staff members and 3 doors will not be the same as in a company with 300 employees, 20 doors, 2 turnstiles and a parking barrier.

Big corporations and companies with multiple offices implement multi door, networked access control systems. Such access control systems are run from a single location and are scalable. For example, a Hirsch Mx Controller can support up to 4000 thousand users in different locations.

Taking into account the information stated above, your access control system budget could cost you as little as $300 per standalone system or as high as over $10.000,00 per door with a state of the art bio-metric reader. But if we refrain from going to extremes, an average access control system price will range from $1,500 to $2,000 per door. Having this budget you can implement keypad and card system, cover the cost of installation, hardware and software. Beware that you’d have to pay extra for any additional frills, though.

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