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Home Safety Tips for Summer

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Smart parents are always one step ahead. That’s how you convince your children that there really are eyes in the back of your head. You’re always prepared. In the winter, you’re thinking about spring. When spring rolls around, you set your sights on summer. That’s the best way to ensure you are ready for what lies ahead. Now that summer is making its grand entrance, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep your home safe this summer.

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Take a close look at your home. Are you really ready for summer? As you inspect for summer security, think about all the extra concerns you’ll have with kids at home. Try out the following tips to improve your home’s summer security.

  • Install a secure area for outdoor valuables: Put in a shed or install a secure area to lock up those bikes and skateboards.
  • Put in a security camera: A security camera can help alleviate some stress by providing you with an extra set of eyes (although not in the back of your head) which will allow you to check in on the kids from time to time.
  • Use ADT Pulse® to receive notifications: Using ADT Pulse, you can receive notifications informing you when kids make it home or leave for their next summertime adventure. Make home summer security a priority and be ready before the summer vacation craziness gets started.

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Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer brings green grass and tall hedges. Take the time to perform some basic home maintenance tasks and help keep your home protected.

  • Inspect all points of entry: Make sure all door locks are functioning properly and all windows latch correctly. Repair any damage or broken latches.
  • Check all lighting: Are all motion lights in working order? Make sure all pathways are well-lit and shine a light on all points of entry.
  • Keep lawn maintained: Keeping your lawn mowed and hedges trimmed provides a natural line of sight into your home, which helps deter burglary.
  • Check for water damage: Water damage can cause areas to rot and become unsafe. Make sure the spring thaw doesn’t bring unwanted damage.

Maintaining your home is one of the simplest ways to deter crime.

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